Build anti-fascist resistance!

What many of us have suspected has been confirmed this week. The suspected murderer of Walter Lübcke, a CDU-politician from Kassel, is part of the Nazi scene: Stephan Ernst. He is a right-wing perpetrator since the 1990s: he committed a homophobic-racist knife attack in 1992. With a bomb he attacked a refugee shelter in 1993. With a Nazi mob he attacked a May 1 demonstration by unions in 2009. Ernst was member of the NPD party, donated to the AfD, had contacts with right-wing terrorist networks such as Combat 18, hoarded weapons in his apartment. His biography shows his violent and right-wing background. For years Walter Lübcke was the target of massive right-wing incitement and death threats because he defended basic humanitarian values and showed solidarity with refugees. On June 2nd in 2019 Lübcke was killed on the terrace in front of of his house with a headshot – an execution similar to the murders of the right wing terror group Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund (NSU).

Not even a year ago we were all protesting under the slogan „Kein Schlussstrich“ to show that we won’t forget and will keep fighting to get answers. Our demands are: The information on and the fight against racist, neo-Nazi and right-wing terrorist structures must not end. Because the right-wing and racist terrorism continued after the NSU. While a few Nazis were given more or less long sentences, the structures supporting the NSU and facilitating its murders have not been indicted to this day. Over the years several right-wing groups have been uncovered. They were collecting weapons and ammunition and created death lists of political opponents. Lübcke’s murder should be seen in the light of strategy discussions around terrorism held within the Nazi scene after the NSU. As the day-to-day violence against refugees and Migrants continues, the strategic focus shifts to the political establishment that is preparing for the alleged „death of the nation“. It is now increasingly about the hunt for the political enemy, alleged or real supporters of refugees, anti-racists and anti-fascists.

Many took part in the long campaign against Lübcke: from Akif Pirinçci and Pegida to Erika Steinbach (until recently Lübcke’s fellow party member in the CDU), NPD, III. Weg, Die Rechte, spiteful commentators on PI-News and – not to forget – the AfD, who received donations from Ernst. They all bear their responsibility for the murder. The reason why Lübcke was murdered wasn’t necessarily to hit a political official of the conservative ruling party. Lübcke was murdered because the Nazis made him a symbol of what they hate: solidarity with refugees, a society based on solidarity, the opposition against right-wing hate campaigns.

Once again all of this shows: The state has not stopped the Nazi terrorism. As a central solution against right-wing terrorism they propagated the expansion of new positions at the secret police (Verfassungsschutz). But not only since the involvement of the secret police in the NSU complex we know that it protects and develops right-wing structures. The Verfassungsschutz is not part of the solution but part of the problem. The expansion of the secret police, the tightening of the police laws and the racist asylum legislation are authoritarian responses of the state in times of the swing to the right.

We will never rely on this state. Fight Nazi terrorism! Build up anti-fascist resistance!

The murder of Lübcke concerns all of us – and should concern all of us. Our thoughts are with his family, his relatives and friends. Together we stand against the right-wing agitation and its immediate murderous consequences.

We demand:

  • The extensive investigation of the Walter Lübcke’s murder!
  • The exposure of the perpetrator, possible accomplices and his environment!
  • That the murder is named an act of right-wing terrorism!
  • Stop the swing to the right and the creation of the authoritarian state!
  • Abolish the secret police!
  • End the daily racist discourse!
  • Smash right-wing terrorist structures!

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